Take On The Role Of A Contractor In Your Home

As the father of an autistic child, I have been faced with more than a few necessary home modifications projects. Unfortunately, with the high cost of raising a special needs child and my wife's decision to stay home and raise our son, there simply was no room in our budget to hire a contractor to complete these projects for us. Each weekend for nearly a year, I would pick a project to work on. This past month, I finally finished every project on my list. After learning more than I thought I would ever know about home construction and repair, I have a new found appreciation for the skills of general and specialty contractors. That is why I decided to start this blog to pay tribute to the job these contractors do, and help to empower more homeowners to take on the role of a contractor in their home.

Helping Your Driveway Fit In By Adding A Brick Design With Color


If you're like most people, you take great pride in how your lawn looks. You've gone through all the proper processes to ensure a well-manicured lawn. However, the driveway is one of the most overlooked portions of the home because it serves a purpose, and isn't necessarily a part of the overall landscape. You can help your driveway fit in with the rest of the lawn by following these steps to add a brick pattern with some color to the concrete.

Step 1: Clean the Concrete

Wash your concrete driveway with soap and water. Use a power washer or a garden hose and large broom to scrub away dirt and debris. Rinse it off with plain water and allow it to dry.

Step 2: Fix Large Holes

Purchase some cement mix and prepare it according to the instructions. Fill in large holes with the mix and smooth it out with a trowel so that it's even with the rest of the driveway. Allow it to dry completely, but be prepared to wait a couple of days before moving on to the next steps to ensure that the concrete is dry.

Hint: Don't worry about filling tiny holes, these will actually add a little character to the design.

Step 3: Apply the Design

Grab a friend or two to create your own design with tape. Purchase a laser level and a chalk line. Set the laser level on one end of the driveway and have your friends snap the chalk line across the surface on the line. Measure a few inches out and repeat this process. Do this for the length of the driveway, making sure that the lines are an even distance apart from each other.

Do the same across the driveway to finish creating the bricks. Apply thin tape to all the chalk lines.

Step 4: Add the Color

Apply the concrete stain to the surface with a paint roller. Concrete is porous, so you may need to apply a few coats to achieve the desired look. However, make sure that the stain is dry before applying additional coats.

Step 5: Remove the Tape

Once the stain is dry and you're happy with the look, remove the tape to expose the lines between the stain. Leave it as is for a grouted look, or carefully paint the lines to help the color of your faux bricks stand out.

Expect to spend a few days getting this project completed perfectly. Ask a concrete contractor (such as one from All Valley Deck Works) for help if you should run into any problems or for other ideas on refinishing your driveway. If the concrete contains many cracks or has other issues, consider hiring the contractor to refinish your driveway completely. Share this with others who have a well-manicured lawn and want their driveway to fit in with it.


23 January 2015