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Repairing Your Log Home Damage With Epoxy Resin Treatment

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Bugs and wood rot are the bane of all homeowners of traditional log homes existence. If your log home has wood damage, then you need to have the damaged timbers repaired as soon as possible. Damaged logs can threaten the structural integrity of your house. Additionally, if you do not repair the logs before they become too damaged, then your house will need to have the log professionally removed and replaced.

Causes of Log Damage

There are a variety of environmental factors that can damage the logs of your home, such as insects, birds, and moisture.

Some insects that tend to inflict damage to wood logs are ants, bees, beetles, and termites. Each of these insects bore into the wood and consume it or set-up their homes within the core of the logs. Both actions can be very damaging to wood.

Birds such as woodpeckers do serious damage to the logs of your home. While the holes that wood pecking birds make are small, each hole allows moisture to enter the inside of the log. This moisture becomes trapped and causes mold, mildew, and fungal infestations to grow. After a while, the wood will completely rot and fall apart. 

Treating Log Damage with Epoxy Resin 

The complicated process involved in removing and replacing a log in your traditional log home is expensive. A wonderful alternative is to treat any damaged logs using an epoxy resin. Epoxy resins work by filling all of the empty cavities in the existing damaged logs. This prevents further damage as well as prevents the loss of structural integrity that can result from damaged logs.

The treatment process is as follows:

  1. Wood must be completely dried.
  2. An anti-fungal treatment is applied.
  3. Affected logs are wrapped in kitchen plastic wrap.
  4. Epoxy resin is injected into all voids.
  5. The plastic is removed and the epoxy is allowed to dry.

Since this process requires 100% dry wood to be effective, it is advised that you have this repair made during the hot summer months, if at all possible.


By having any damaged logs repaired, you can ensure that your traditional log home will be structurally sound for generations to come. If you have further questions about the epoxy resin procedure, a local log home restoration contractor like Joe Pine Builders Inc can assist you. Additionally, they can inspect the damage to your home and make recommendations for any other currently available treatments. 


10 February 2015