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As the father of an autistic child, I have been faced with more than a few necessary home modifications projects. Unfortunately, with the high cost of raising a special needs child and my wife's decision to stay home and raise our son, there simply was no room in our budget to hire a contractor to complete these projects for us. Each weekend for nearly a year, I would pick a project to work on. This past month, I finally finished every project on my list. After learning more than I thought I would ever know about home construction and repair, I have a new found appreciation for the skills of general and specialty contractors. That is why I decided to start this blog to pay tribute to the job these contractors do, and help to empower more homeowners to take on the role of a contractor in their home.

Helpful Tips When Fixing Common Garage Door Problems

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Over the years, your garage door is not always going to work great. This puts you in a predicament because you need to have access to your garage, whether it's to park your car or to grab some lawn equipment. Fortunately, these tips can help you repair common issues with a garage door.

Squeaking Garage Door

A common thing that can happen to the garage door is when it starts to squeak. This may be a sign of rusty or corroded parts, which isn't a difficult repair job. Try to inspect the parts to see if they are dirty or have rust. If you are having trouble, simply lubricate all of the parts. These include the garage door track, ball bearings, rollers, springs and the hinges.

As a lubricant, try to use a multi-purpose lubricant that comes in an aerosol can. These lubricants are easy to administer to parts, and they are completely environmentally-friendly. If some of the rust is not coming off easily, scrub the parts with a wire brush.

Garage Door Isn't Going Down All of the Way

Sometimes when you close the garage door, it may not go down all of the way. This is concerning as a homeowner, as your possessions are then subject to theft. Generally, this problem is associated with your garage door sensors. They may not be aligned correctly, or they just may be dirty.

If they aren't aligned, try positioning them to where they are straight and facing each other. If the sensors are dirty, all you need is a rag and some warm water. Pour the water on the rag, and scrub each sensor until it's free of dirt and debris. This step doesn't take you that long, and you don't have to purchase specialized equipment.

Garage Door Falls Down Immediately

Sometimes the garage door may fall down immediately to the ground. This is an indication of an unbalanced door. This issue is complex to solve, so it's best to just contact a garage door repair company like Allied Garage Door Co.

A specialist will come out, and they will inspect the cables. If they are broken, the cables can be replaced entirely. Sometimes the springs may be too loose. Adjusting loose springs is extremely dangerous, so always let a professional handle garage door springs. After they are finished, they can provide some maintenance steps so that the problem doesn't happen often.

The tips above are important because they can help you troubleshoot some common garage door problems. If done correctly, your garage door should work perfectly. 


2 March 2015