Take On The Role Of A Contractor In Your Home

As the father of an autistic child, I have been faced with more than a few necessary home modifications projects. Unfortunately, with the high cost of raising a special needs child and my wife's decision to stay home and raise our son, there simply was no room in our budget to hire a contractor to complete these projects for us. Each weekend for nearly a year, I would pick a project to work on. This past month, I finally finished every project on my list. After learning more than I thought I would ever know about home construction and repair, I have a new found appreciation for the skills of general and specialty contractors. That is why I decided to start this blog to pay tribute to the job these contractors do, and help to empower more homeowners to take on the role of a contractor in their home.

Keep Nosy Neighbors From Spying On Your Backyard


If you have a backyard, then you should be allowed to enjoy it. Unfortunately, there are some people who are very nosy. They might be the sort of people who are unfriendly, and don't socialize with you, but who feel it's perfectly acceptable to watch your family from behind the blinds. Or they might be weird and watch you through binoculars or even a camera!  It's not something that can be fixed. You don't have to move. All you have to do is block their view of your yard. This can be done a number of ways. Below is a list of some of the methods you can use.

Plant Hedges

Hedges are excellent for privacy. They are natural, so if you don't like the look of a wooden or metal fence, then this is the best solution. An added benefit to using a hedge is that they also provide a good barrier.

Some of the popular species used in hedge making include boxwood, hawthorn, and beech. They are easily pruned to shape, dense, and fast growing. Boxwood is an evergreen, Hawthorn has small berries during part of the year, and Beech will turn color in the fall.

You can buy young shrubs and trees, but it will still take time for them to grow into a large privacy hedge.

Cedar Fencing

If you're looking for an immediate fix, then fencing is the way to go. Cedar fencing is great for privacy fences because it looks beautiful and the wood is water resistant. You can get the fencing in a variety of designs. You can choose a classic picket style, or a flat topped look. Some designs have a small lattice section at the top. If you are installing the fence and would also like to have the benefit of sound buffering, then you should double side your fence. The extra side will help dampen noise from traveling across the backyards.

Cedar fencing will have to be maintained. This will include applying new stain every few years, as well as replacing damaged sections of wood.

Chain Link Fence

If you want something quick, and easy, then a chain link fence is the way to go. They require zero maintenance. They don't block sound as well as a hedge or cedar, but they are perfect for privacy. Now, you might think that your nosy neighbor will just look right through the chain linkage. Well, this is where the privacy slats come in handy. These are plastic slats that are inserted through the linkage and prevent people from seeing through the fence. The slats are usually treated with a UV protective chemical that prevents them from breaking down in the sun. These slats come in lots of different colors.

If you want to make the chain link fence blend in with your yard you could also plant climbing ivy at the bottom of the fence and it will climb up, and eventually cover the entire side of the fence.


21 October 2015