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4 Safety Tips For New Construction Welders In Training

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If you are currently being trained on how to use the welding equipment that your construction company uses on jobs, it is vital that you know how to protect yourself when using the equipment. Here are a few tips to help keep you safe as you master this new skill.

#1 Make Sure All Your Skin Is Covered Up

Whenever you are around or using welding equipment, you need to make sure that all of your skin is covered up. You don't want to leave even a small section of skin exposed. Make sure your shirt sleeves tuck into your gloves, and that your pants go over your boots. Your shirt and your helmet should cover all the skin around your next.

The little sparks that can fly off of a welder are extremely hot. Even though they are very small, they can severely burn your skin.

#2 Purchase A Flame-Resistant Outfit

If you will be working regularly with welding equipment at your job, you need to have the right type of clothes. You need to purchase a jacket, shirt and pants that are all made out of flame-resistant material. You can purchase both lightweight and heavyweight flame-resistant clothing for different times of the year.

You also need flame-resistant gloves that allow you to still have the dexterity you need to get your work done. 

Finally, you need to protect your feet with some leather boots or shoes. Do not wear cloth or tennis shoes while working with welding equipment. If a spark gets on them or you drop something hot on your foot, both cloth and tennis shoes will smolder and potentially burn your foot. 

#3 Wear A Helmet

It is vital that you wear a helmet at all times when welding. You should never look directly at the light when you are welding. Looking at the arc on your welding equipment with your bare eyes can burn them. Make sure your helmet covers your eyes, both from the front and from the sides. 

The best type of helmet to wear is an auto-darkening one that is equipped with sensors to adjust to the brightness of the welding arc as you work. 

#4 Keep Your Work Area Clean

You should make every effort to keep your work area clean when you are welding, especially when you have to do it on the job. You don't want the clutter to catch on fire. Reducing clutter will also help you focus on your work. 

If you follow the four safety tips above, you should be able to keep yourself safe as you learn how to use the welding equipment at your job. Remember, safety always comes first. Visit Wayne Oxygen & Welding Supply Co Inc if you need welding supplies.


8 December 2015