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How To Tape Your Ducts For Increased Airflow

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There are many points in a typical central heating and air conditioning system where something could break, get clogged, or malfunction and cause your system to become less efficient. Of course, the most immediate drawback is that your home does not heat up or cool down as it should. Even worse, you will often have increased utility bills, despite the fact that your HVAC is not doing its job. Servicing and fixing your HVAC system as soon as possible can save you money and make your home more comfortable. There are several things that you can do to improve the overall efficiency of your heating and air conditioning. This article focuses on how to increase the airflow throughout your system with foil tape.

Using the Right Tape

Any air that is leaking out of your duct system is basically money that you are throwing away. Even the smallest cracks between duct seams, air registers, vents and hoses can allow air to escape. You can instantly increase the airflow throughout your entire system by checking and sealing as many of these cracks as possible.

Everybody has heard of duct tape, but ironically it is not the best product for this sealing your ducts. Instead, use aluminum foil tape. Foil tape has a much stronger adhesive and is lined with paper, so you'll need to peel away the paper to expose the adhesive. This tape is not breathable like duct tape, so it is much more effective.

Focusing on the Right Areas

You want to make sure you focus on taping the right areas. For the best results, you should have your AC or heater running while you are doing the taping. Start at the furnace and follow the ducts. Make sure the output vent from the furnace (into the house) is sealed. Also, check that the input hose that comes from the exterior condenser unit is also sufficiently sealed. You can apply the tape inside or outside of the ducts. Another vital point to apply the tape is around the interior walls where the register pieces are attached to the main duct. This means you will need to remove the register to access the ducts.

Basically, wherever there is still air seeping through your ducts, you should try to tape it up. Be liberal with your tape and make sure that every seam is completely taped and air tight. If you think your unit needs a more serious fix, call a professional from a company like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors to help you out.


23 February 2016