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Bathtub Refinishing FAQ: The Dangers Of Acid Etching (And An Alternative Option)

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Bathtub refinishing is a great way to add not only a new style to its fading luster, but to add years to its life. In the past, acid etching was the standard method of refinishing a bathtub, but it is often considered dangerous now. Why? Here is what you need to know about this technique, why it is dangerous, and an alternative option.

What Is Acid Etching?

Acid etching is the act of applying hydrofluoric acid to your tub porcelain to eat away its original finish. This is done both to add unique stylistic designs and to prepare your tub for another finishing application.

It has been used for years by various design experts, due to its quickness and efficiency, but lately has fallen out of favor. The reason for this is simple: acid etching has a variety of dangers that make it a flawed choice for bathtub refinishing.

Why Is It Dangerous?

The reason that acid etching is dangerous lies in the use of hydrofluoric acid. This substance, though relatively weak, can still cause a variety of health problems. For example, heavy exposure can cause severe burns and even electrolyte imbalances. It can also be noxious if inhaled, causing burns in the throat and lungs.

Naturally, any professional acid etching session will use a variety of safety protocols to help protect you and your family from dangers. However, when the etching is finished, the acid is often flushed down the tub, which could cause corrosion in your pipes and even dangerous chemical reactions.

What Alternatives Are There?

If you are concerned with the dangers of acid etching as a bathtub refinishing option, there are alternatives. Some experts may suggest that you simply buy a new bathtub, but this isn't always financially feasible. Though brand-new bathtubs can cost as little as $200, the cost of installation fees average out to about $2,878 nationally, and can top $8,000.

However, it is possible to refinish your bathtub by simply adding a few coats of primer and paint. This process requires carefully covering the bathroom with heavy plastic sheets to avoid staining, sanding the last surface finish off your tub, using filler to repair imperfections, and adding coats of primer, paint, and finish. This process, if carefully performed, can give you a coat that lasts up to 15 years.

To learn more about your alternative options to acid etching, talk to a professional right away. They can help steer you towards an option that works for your needs and give you the bathtub that you deserve


7 June 2016