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What You Need To Know If Your Automatic Gate Stops Working

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If you have an automatic gate on your property, you probably appreciate having it because it serves as a safety measure and beautification. Perhaps you have had the inconvenience of your gate not working, which was likely a frustrating situation. You may be a person who has never had problems with your gate, but it is wise to know what you can do in the event it happens to you in the future. 

Check to ensure that the gate is receiving power.

This is one of the first things that should be checked, but it is often overlooked. Some people mistakenly think that if they have power in other areas of their homes, then their gates must be getting power too. Some gates have their own switch in circuit breaker boxes, which means that power elsewhere on a property could be working, but the circuit switch for the automatic gate may have switched to the off position. You can reset the switch to see if the gate resumes working.  

Ensure that the remote has working batteries.

The best way to determine if the gate's remote or buzzer needs new batteries is to simply replace the batteries. This may cause the light on the device turn solid or blink depending on the design of your device. 

Check for obstructions in the track of the gate.

There are a number of objects and substances that can get trapped in the tracks of gates. These things can make gates inoperable. Gunk, dirt, dead insects, sticks, and rocks are examples of things that could get stuck in the tracks of gates and cause them to stop working. Some of these materials such as dirt and insects can also be an eyesore when they mix with lubricant in the tracks. 

Determine the last time the gate was professionally serviced. 

Never make the mistake of thinking that as long as your automatic gate is working, there is not a need to have it serviced. Routine servicing should occur regardless of how well a gate appears to be performing, and you should also refer issues that occur between automatic gate services to a professional if you cannot remedy them yourself. 

Temporarily use your gate in manual mode. 

Some people forget that their gates have a safety feature, which is referred to as manual mode. This means that if your gate stops working and you need to get in and out of your property while waiting on the gate professional, you can use the gate in manual mode. This mode of operation is also ideal for power outages. 

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9 August 2016