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3 Siding Trends For Enhanced Curb Appeal

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Curb appeal is important for many reasons. While it is what encompasses your home's appearance, curb appeal is also a person's first impression of the home. Therefore, great curb appeal can make your home more attractive and more valuable. One key part of your home's curb appeal is the exterior siding. Although some materials are more durable than others, no siding is meant to last forever. If you are ready to update your home's siding, here are a few trends to consider for enhanced curb appeal:

Mixed Siding

Most homeowners believe only one siding material should be used on their home's exterior. In the past, that may have been the norm -- today, however, more and more homeowners, builders, and designers are using many different materials to create an exterior that is unique and appealing.

There are many ways to mix your siding materials. You can install vinyl siding on the majority of your home's exterior with stone or brick accents on different areas of the home's front. Another option would be to combine both vinyl and fiber cement siding in different colors on the home's exterior.

Using mixed siding materials creates a contrast of not only color, but also texture. This creates an exterior for your home that is truly unique.

Light and Dark

Neutral colors are what many homeowners and builders tend to choose for a home's siding, because it appeals to most personalities and works with most decorative and architectural styles. Unfortunately, neutral color siding can also be a bit boring.

Today, consider using a combination of light and dark colors for your home's siding. Grey siding with dark blue accents and trims adds enormous appeal to any home's exterior. Grey and white are also nice colors that complement each other well. Consider a dark grey siding with white trim, or a white siding with dark grey accents and trim.

A light and dark color palette can also be achieved using earth tones. Opt for a beige siding with fiber cement accents, and shutters in a dark wood finish.

Vibrant Colors

The use of light and dark colors is appealing, but the use of vibrant colors is also becoming a popular trend for your home's exterior. The key is to use paint trim and shutters in colors that tone down the vibrancy of the siding's color.

A bright blue siding with white or light grey trim works well on a cottage-style home. Consider a bright green or even purple color siding with cream trim and shutters for a historical-style home that will stand out on a busy street.

The possibilities are endless when you are ready to replace your home's siding. This guide will give you a few suggestions on trendy siding choices.


2 January 2019