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Have An Aging Metal Roof? How To Avoid Mistakes When Painting It

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One of the benefits of having a metal roof is that you can change its color by painting it. This is a great way to bring new life into an older metal roof if you simply want to change the look of your home or business. Here are some tips to ensure you do not make any mistakes when painting the material. 

Prep The Material

A common mistake made when painting roofing material is applying the paint without performing any prep work. You'll need to make sure that all debris is off the surface of the roof by sweeping the material. If not, you could be painting over debris that will eventually become loose or cause the paint to not stick. Take the time to remove all mold or moss on the surface of the roof, which involves scrubbing the roofing material to get rid of it. Rough spots with rust should be sanded down as well to smooth out the metal surface. 

Use The Correct Paint

Your DIY paint job can end up being a disaster if you are not using the correct paint for the job. For example, latex paint will bubble on the roof's surface and eventually peel off, making the roof look horrible when it happens. Even exterior paint that is designed for siding will not work well because it is not designed to stick to a metal surface. You will want to use an acrylic paint that's designed for metal, which will give your roof the best chance of looking good and not having the paint come off the surface.

Wait For Good Weather

You might only have free time on the weekend to paint your roof, but you shouldn't base the task on when you are available. You need to wait for a break in the weather when there is no rain in the forecast for a few days before and after you paint. This will help ensure that the roof is dry prior to painting the surface and that the rain won't wash away the paint afterwards. 

Know The Right Technique

Be aware that all paint does not go on the same way. If you are using a reflective roof paint that has metal fibers in it, you will need to apply the paint with strokes that are all in the same direction. This helps the metal fibers lay across the surface properly so that it can be effective after it is applied. 

If you need help painting your roof, contact a local roofing company like Par One Construction, Inc. and ask if they provide painting services.


24 October 2019