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Have Your Septic Tank Checked When It's Showing Signs Of Being Full Even If Pumping Isn't Due Yet

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If you've been smelling sewer odors in your home, or if your drains are slow, your septic tank may need to be pumped out. Even if cleaning isn't due for several months yet, it's possible for your tank to fill up sooner than you expect. Here are some reasons your septic system could be having these problems and why calling a septic service early on is a good idea.

Reasons For Sewer Odors And Slow Drains

Your tank may be full early because of changes in your home. If you have a friend or family member living with you now, that could make a difference in how often you have to pump the tank. Also, adding a garbage disposal can make a difference since food bits build up in the tank. If the problem is a full tank, then pumping it out will get the drains flowing again and put an end to sewer odors.

Other things can cause odors and slow drains too, so you may need to check into those issues if the pumping service finds your tank isn't too full. For instance, a partial clog in the sewer line could be to blame. In that case, you'll need to have the clog cleared.

A leak in the tank or problems with the drainfield might also cause problems with odors. When your tank is pumped out, the contractor will look for problems with your system that might need to have repairs, such as a crack that lets sewage drain out.

Calling For Service Can Prevent Damage

It's always a good idea to call for help with your septic system when you notice something is wrong so you can prevent costly damage. Getting the tank pumped out on time can prevent a backup in your house that creates a toxic mess. Timely septic tank pumping also prevents damage to the drainfield and clogging of the filter.

As long as sludge on the bottom stays below the tank outlet and the fats on the top stay above the outlet, solid waste won't flow through the filter, distribution box, and drainfield. If either the sludge or fats drain out of the tank, they can clog up the pipes in the drainfield or even affect the soil so the sewer water can't filter properly.

Your drainfield lasts much longer when you pump out the tank on time. Since drainfield repairs can be expensive and tear up your yard, you should call a septic tank pumping service when the tank shows signs of being full, even if you think you think cleaning shouldn't be due for several months.


9 April 2020