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As the father of an autistic child, I have been faced with more than a few necessary home modifications projects. Unfortunately, with the high cost of raising a special needs child and my wife's decision to stay home and raise our son, there simply was no room in our budget to hire a contractor to complete these projects for us. Each weekend for nearly a year, I would pick a project to work on. This past month, I finally finished every project on my list. After learning more than I thought I would ever know about home construction and repair, I have a new found appreciation for the skills of general and specialty contractors. That is why I decided to start this blog to pay tribute to the job these contractors do, and help to empower more homeowners to take on the role of a contractor in their home.

Considering A Concrete Driveway? 3 Tips For Optimal Results

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Some types of major home improvements offer multiple benefits for property owners. An excellent example of this is the addition of a concrete driveway or parking area. In addition to providing a cleaner, more durable surface than asphalt or chat, a well-planned concrete driveway can increase property values, add curb appeal to the property, and offer residents and visitors a more convenient parking place. 

Since the installation process can require site excavation, drainage, and attention to grade, homeowners will need to make careful plans for the project. If you are ready to begin planning the installation of a new concrete driveway at your home, here are some tips to help you achieve optimal results. 

Check applicable requirements for your location

If you live inside an incorporated area or belong to an HOA, the driveway project will likely need to meet specific requirements. To ensure that each applicable requirement is fully understood, homeowners should consider meeting with their HOA board, as well as city or county planning and zoning boards as part of the initial process. 

When preparing for these meetings, it is a good idea to obtain a current plat of your property so that utility easements and underground infrastructure issues can be more easily discussed. 

In most instances, the concrete contractor you hire for the project will be able to submit the final plans for approval and arrange for necessary permits, but homeowners will want to fully understand any existing regulations or potential obstacles before making initial plans. 

Time the project to accommodate potential weather issues

Another important tip when planning the installation of a concrete driveway is to schedule the project when the weather is least likely to be problematic. Concrete that is poured during cold weather may experience curing issues that will make it more likely to pit, crack, or chip in the months and years after completion. 

A good plan is to schedule the project during non-winter months when average temperatures remain well above freezing. It is also a good idea to figure a few extra days into the schedule for completion to ensure that rain or other minor delays will not be a problem. 

Find examples to show your contractor

Pictures or drawings of existing driveways can be helpful for ensuring that you and your contractor share the same goals for your project. In addition to locating and photographing completed driveways in your area that you like, consider looking through real estate listings for additional ideas. 

Working closely with a reputable concrete contractor during both the planning and construction stages of your project will help ensure that you end up with a well-built, attractive concrete driveway for your home. 

Contact a local concrete driveway service to learn more.


26 February 2021