Tips For Repairing PVC Pipe


PVC pipe has many household plumbing applications including well equipment plumbing and automatic sprinkler systems. For this reason, it's a good idea for homeowners to understand how to work with it and make basic repairs.  If you have a broken PVC pipe or want to make a repair, these tips will assist you: Tip: Use Teflon Joint Compound Instead of Teflon Tape with Threaded PVC Pieces If you need to connect two threaded pieces, skip the Teflon tape and instead use Teflon joint compound, also known as "

19 February 2019

Should You Cable Or Stake Your Trees?


Healthy trees are strong and can withstand much of what nature throws at them. But even those healthy trees have weaker points that need reinforcement to ensure the trees don't fall over in the wind. Whether you've got new saplings in your yard or have an old, venerable tree that you don't want cracking during strong storms, you've got to do something to protect their structural integrity. Two options are cabling and staking.

26 November 2018

3 Key Points To Know About Insulated Garage Doors


If you live in an area with extreme temperature and weather conditions, one option for your garage doors is an insulated model. The insulated garage doors will give you protection from extreme heat as well as extreme cold. This isn't the limit of their benefits however. Here are three key points to know about insulated garage doors and what they can do for your garage. Climate Control If you use your garage like many homeowners, then you likely have seasonal items stored alongside your car and tools.

10 October 2018

Features To Consider When You Have Garage Cabinets Installed


If your favorite space in your home is the garage, it's ideal to invest in making the space as functional and enjoyable to be in as possible. Whether you're an automotive buff, a woodworker, or you primarily use your shop in the pursuit of another hobby, having the right cabinets can be a real asset. Instead of buying a set of cabinets from your local big box store and trying to install them yourself, you won't regret partnering with a remodeling contractor who specializes in cabinets.

23 February 2017

Reducing Your Asphalt Sealcoating Costs


Maintaining a well-groomed parking lot is a simple way to ensure that your customers know you take pride in your business. If you have an asphalt parking lot, investing in the application of a sealcoat can help you restore worn asphalt to its original condition. Finding ways to reduce the total cost of sealcoating doesn't have to be challenging; it just requires a little bit of work. Here are three tips you can use to keep your sealcoating costs low as you maintain your company's asphalt parking lot.

27 October 2016

FAQ About Inground Swimming Pool Care


Has your inground swimming pool accumulated a lot of rust, but you still use it? It might be time for you to get invest in a few repairs, as swimming in a rusty swimming pool can lead to health problems. The water might not be properly balanced for staying safe as well, especially if you never keep up with maintenance. Below, you will learn some helpful information about inground swimming pool repairs and maintenance.

21 September 2016

Classic Arcade Machines: 3 Types Of Specialty Outlets For Game Rooms


Adding a vintage recreational vibe to your house can easily be done by purchasing arcade cabinets or pinball machines. The machines have become affordable for homes and are a great way to add some gaming fun. When installing the arcade machines, it's important to consider the outlets that you have to power them with. An electrician can make the installation of arcade cabinets a lot easier by adding three specialty outlet upgrades.

26 July 2016

Three Strategies That Can Help You Stay Warm When Your Furnace Goes Out


When your furnace stops working for whatever reason, booking a visit from a local furnace contractor can typically have the unit up and running before the temperature inside your home gets too uncomfortable. If it's a few days before the contractor can get the right parts to fix the furnace, however, you'll need to adopt some creative strategies to avoid feeling chilly. Enjoying a hot bath, layering up your clothing and keeping a hot water bottle or heating pad nearby are all effective strategies, but there are other useful ways to stay warm, including these three that are easy to execute.

13 January 2016

Solar Power Radiant Floor Heating Keeps You Warm And Saves You Money


A lot of people are looking for a way to make sure that their house is nice and warm while still saving money on their heating bills. One way to do that is to use solar radiant floor heating.  Radiant Floor Heating Radiant floor heating uses tubes that are laid under the floor. The tubes get hot water pumped through them. The hot water heats up the floor. The heated floors then radiate heat up into the rooms, which is what warms up the house.

24 December 2015

Tips For Choosing And Caring For A Generator For Your Business


As you head into the approaching winter weather, it's time to start thinking about protecting your business from power outages and the losses that can come with them. Often, the best way to control your risk factor for things like this is to invest in a backup power generator. After all, a widespread power outage could leave your business crippled for days, which could be financially devastating. Here are some tips to help you choose and care for your generator.

19 November 2015