How To Evaluate Your Home's Concrete Slab For Foundation Damage


Your home's concrete slab is the foundational structure of your home. Without it, your home would fall apart over time. If you even just slightly suspect that there is foundation damage, you need to evaluate your home immediately. However, you must know how to do this the right way or it will be a waste of time and will cost more in repairs in the future. What to Look for on the Exterior:

31 December 2014

Planning Your New Deck: Is Bigger Better? And Other Decking Trends

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Outdoor living space is becoming a vital part of the average house -- and that often means beautiful decks. In fact, 2015 is likely to see a lot of growth for deck builders, so it's a great time for homeowners to start thinking about expanding, remodeling or adding a deck. Decks can be a difficult project for a do-it-yourselfer, so most homeowners hire a contractor to help plan and build. It doesn't hurt to do some research on your own before consulting with a contractor, so you have some general ideas of what you want.

23 December 2014

Four Things You Want To Know About Keeping The Air In Your Home Clean With HVAC


The HVAC system in your home can distribute many allergens throughout your home, which is why there are things like dense filters that can be installed in your system. These filters cause a problem though, because, they restrict airflow in your system and need to be changed more often. This is why you may want to consider some improvements and air filtration systems to keep the air in your home clean.

19 December 2014

Using Plasma Cutters In Twin Falls ID

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If you are looking for plasma cutters in Twin Falls ID, you will want to find a business that owns the technology to do the work! Plasma cutting requires some big, heavy machinery and sometimes they can be hard to find. If you do find a business that advertises their services as plasma cutters in Twin Falls ID, you will want to be sure their cutters are large enough to do the cutting your job needs.

13 January 2014